DIMS PREMIUM: What are the DIMS Premium Features?

DIMS Premium

The best Quick Reference app for clinical decision making

DIMS Premium delivers up-to-date, comprehensive, and practical information on over 2,000+ drugs, 500+ diseases, and 130+ clinical guidelines. 


DESIGNED for Quick and Easy access in the Clinical settings

DIAGNOSE accurately with helpful Clinical Information

CONSULT 130 of National and International Guidelines

DISCOVER 500 up-to-date Diagnosis and Treatment Guidance

FIND 2000+ latest detailed Drug information with interactive features

READ current Clinical Research Studies for Evidence-Based Information

WRITE prescriptions Quickly & Send to patients

LOOK FOR available Investigation’s provider names and locations

LINK from Drug Indication to Disease Conditions

BACK UP favorite Topics, Drugs & Prescription for fast & easy access

DATA SYNCH daily through Auto Synchronizations

This is for informational purposes only. You should consult your clinical textbook for advising your patients.