AI powered Dermatology app SkinVD

ITmedicus introduced First Time in Bangladesh, the AI-powered Dermatology app SkinVD for Dermatology Disease Diagnosis & Treatment.

SkinVD is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) empowered practical guide to identifying, recognizing, diagnosing, and managing common dermatological conditions encountered within primary care, dermatology practices, and patients admitted to hospitals.

SkinVD is a visual reference tool for medical professionals that leverages comprehensive knowledge to improve clinical decision-making in practices.

Now Available in Google Play Store.

Who can benefit?

Suitable for-

  • MBBS Doctors for practice & decision-making
  • Specialist Doctors seeking additional opinions

Individuals who have graduated but are not actively practicing dermatology can acquire knowledge for diagnoses and practice in this field.

Graduated doctors with an interest in dermatology can access updated information.

Specialist doctors can seek assistance in resolving challenging/difficult cases and identifying differential diagnoses of the cases.

Key Features

Empowering Dermatology & Venereology professionals for informed decision-making. SkinVD app aims to satisfy the educational needs of the dermatology community and improve patient care and satisfaction.

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